Our grey herd shows our focus on classic Zebu lines with an emphasis on character, pigment and length. Our grey herd is based on grey Cherokee sires and has developed over time using our own bloodlines.  Our grey cattle have fantastic conformation, are consistent, fertile breeders with a very quiet temperament.


Our red herd are well-rounded solid cattle with excellent breeding and mothering qualities. In 2013 and 2015 we expanded with a tremendous line of females from the Cherokee Stud as part of our partnership. These females complement our herd allowing us to broaden our gene pool whilst still focusing on classic lines.


Our line of unique black Brahmans originated from a black white faced 1950's Zebu cow from Waverley Station. This particular female produced two 'same type' heifers in the 1960's, which are the founding stock of this herd. Over time we have established a herd of registered black Brahmans with a broad genetic base.