Throughout our history we have had an unwavering commitment to breeding high quality Zebu style cattle. Our focus is breeding classic style Brahman cattle with exceptional temperament, fertility and longevity, mothering instinct, pigment, a large girth, strong muzzle, length of body and leg. We run approximately 700 head of cattle across 10 herds based on colour with single sires.  All of our Sires are tested Pompes free. 

Fertility, reproduction and longevity: Our cows not only continue to calve annually but we often witness our cows returning within the first or second month after calving on a very consistent basis. In fact, we witness many cows returning to the bull within the first 2 weeks post calving. Many of our older cows are still producing good sound calves with ample milk aged 17 and beyond. We do not experience any calving issues within our herd. 

Mothering ability and udders: Without exception our cows must be able to calve unassisted and have a very strong maternal / mothering instincts. Our strict selection and culling process ensures our cows have fine teats and good udders allowing unassisted suckling.   

Temperament: Our cattle are naturally quiet, both in the yards or paddock without significant handling or feeding. Since we commenced our breeding program in the late 1950’s we have focussed on nurturing quiet cattle with an even temperament. People who attend our property for herd inspections or have bought our cattle consistently comment on their quiet disposition.

Pigment: We ensure our cattle carry good strong pigment and dark points.  This continues in our bull selection which ensures the herd pigment is not diluted. Our belief is that strong pigment and dark points are a fundamental Brahman characteristic which helps dissipate internal heat and assists in heat tolerance and parasite resistance.

Muscling, length, girth and mobility: Nearly 60 years of breeding has produced cattle with: excellent muscle development, outstanding girth and body length; good leg length and structure (i.e. not straight legged); broad hip pins; excellent tail settings; and a strong top line. 

Horns: The vast majority of our sale Stud bulls and heifers are dehorned at a young age. .

Artificial InseminationI (AI) and Embryo Transfer (ET): We undertake a small targeted AI program annually and focus heavily on paddock performance.